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some compelling reasons to
sell your home with

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are you sensing a theme here? 

Yes, the main reason everyone is so excited about selleioSell™ is the price.

At 1.75% we are almost 1/2 the cost of traditional sellers commission fees.

But there is so much more to our program.


Dive in below to see how we're reinventing real estate.

full MLS elite agency
1.75% or less

Introducing selleioSell™, where elite service doesn’t mean elite pricing.

1.75% - affordability that astounds. 

Old-school real estate charges 3% in commissions and gets you to pay and additional 2-3% buyers commissions, that's just crazy.

We believe in keeping more money in your pocket. We rock the real estate world with a revolutionary 1.75% fee. That's how we roll—more value, less expense.

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selleioEliteAgent™  redefining representation 

You've seen them—part-timers, weekenders, and full-timers too busy marketing themselves to focus fully on your needs, capped at a mere 18 hours of real estate education annually.

Our agents are 100% dedicated full-timers, zeroed in on real estate deals and deep-diving into 100 hours of unique selleioElite training each year. Their only job? To focus on you.

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the selleioSell™ process:  seamless, simple, transparent.  

Old-School real estate is manual, clunky, and as streamlined as a brick. You've experienced it, the chaos of endless emails, phone calls, in-person meetings, and paper mountains like Everest to climb just to seal the deal. No more. 

We're all about sleek, seamless, and oh-so-smooth operations. Our tech-first approach means you can handle your transaction from your smartphone—anytime, anywhere. Simplicity and transparency aren't just words to us; they're promises.

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the selleioCares™  difference

Sure, Old-School real estate gives back. But only after every last expense, profit, and dividend is taken care of, with a tiny sprinkle of what’s left. That's how businesses have always done it. 

We flip the script on giving. selleioCares™ isn’t an afterthought; it’s a forethought. We embed social responsibility into our business model, dedicating $222 from every transaction to Habitat for Humanity—right off the top. Because building community and homes go hand in hand at selleio.

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how it works.

Think of a selling relationship with selleio like dating. Let's take it one step at a time.
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step 1. first date

Kick things off with a casual, no-pressure chat. Just like a first date, it’s all about getting to know each other. We’ll listen to your needs, desires, and dreams for selling your home. We'll lay everything on the table: what selleio can offer you, what you can expect from us, and a clear outline of costs—no surprises, just complete transparency.

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step 2. getting serious

After our initial chat, we’ll follow up with a detailed recap via email. If you feel the chemistry is right, simply click the link we provide to officially partner up with your very own selleioEliteAgent™. Think of it as making it 'Facebook official'.

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step 3. defining the relationship

Your selleioEliteAgent™ isn’t just any agent; they’re your committed partner in this journey. They'll dive deep to understand not just your property but your personal goals and market dynamics to provide a tailor-made Comparative Market Analysis. This isn’t just about setting a price; it’s about strategizing for success based on thorough research and expert insights.

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step 4. going public

Ready to tell the world? Once you’re all in, we’ll send over our selleioSell listing agreement for you e-sign, and we'll get down to business—professional photos, captivating video, and a compelling write-up to showcase your home across all major platforms.

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step 5. courtship

With our innovative app, you’ll feel the thrill of the chase without any of the stress. Monitor all discussions, field offers, and review addendums right from your device. E-approvals and e-signatures mean you're always in control, leading seamlessly to the final play.

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step 6. happily ever after

Ready to tell the world? Once you’re all in, we’ll send over our selleioSell listing agreement for you e-sign, and we'll get down to business—professional photos, captivating video, and a compelling write-up to showcase your home across all major platforms.

begin your love story with selleio.

Ready to start this romance? Connect with us today, and let’s make your real estate dreams a reality, selleio style—where it’s always about more than just a transaction; it’s about making every step feel just right.


  •  1.75% or less, full EliteAgent MLS listing and representation 

  • seleioEliteAgent™ & their transaction team

- schedule and conduct in person and virtual showings

- handle all calls, texts, emails, negotiations

- process all documents from agreements to addendums to closing docs

- schedule inspections, order title work, schedule and attend closing

  •  zero-cost Professional Comparative Market Analysis

  • selleioApp™  revolutionizing every part of the sales process right from your smartphone

  • selleioCares™  your sale directly funds the building of hopes & homes in your community

  • using selleio's app, all texts, calls, emails availoable for client review

  • 24/7 in-app & online support  

  • financing assistance available

  • title assistance available

  • insurance assistance available

let's talk. 

Book a  zero-pressure, zero-sales talk with us today.

Tell us about your plans and we'll share what we can offer, the cost, and send you some follow up. If you like what you hear, click the link and you'll be instantly connected to your very own selleioEliteAgent™.

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