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Welcome to selleioCares—Where We Turn Giving Into Living. At selleio, we believe in rolling up our sleeves and putting our hearts into everything we do, and that includes our giving. selleioCares isn’t just a program—it’s our pledge to weave generosity into the fabric of our business. Every transaction with selleio isn’t just about closing deals; it’s about opening opportunities and building a brighter future for communities. From every corner of the market to every corner of our hearts, we’re committed to making a positive impact that lasts more than a lifetime.

Off the Top: Making a Real Difference. At selleio, when we close a sale, our 1.75% fee isn't just business as usual—it's a commitment to something greater. Here's how it works: our fee is divided among selleio, our agents, and our brokers. From selleio's share, we take $222 and immediately allocate it to our partnership with Habitat for Humanity. This isn't an afterthought or a charitable extra—it’s a line item expense, prioritized before calculating our profits.

This approach ensures that our contribution is a fundamental part of our operations, not an optional add-on. We believe that corporate responsibility means stepping up and actively participating in addressing society's challenges. By integrating this "off the top" approach into our business model, we hope to inspire other companies to follow suit. It's about making a meaningful impact, every single time.

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building more than just houses

Habitat for Humanity isn't just any nonprofit—it’s a powerhouse in creating real change for those who dream of homeownership but think it’s out of reach. Their mission? To make affordable housing a reality and improve living conditions for families who need it most. And how do they pull this off? Let’s break it down selleio style:

Affordable Homes, Real Dreams: Habitat doesn’t just build houses; they build futures. Partnering with low-income families, they roll up their sleeves and get down to business, building new, budget-friendly homes. Habitat homeowners aren’t just spectators; they're right there in the trenches, contributing “sweat equity” by helping to build their very own digs. It’s about empowerment, folks.

practical support

More Than Money: But wait, there’s more! Habitat homeowners get a crash course in housing and financial wizardry—counseling that sets them up not just to own a home, but to ace it. This isn’t your average support; it’s a full-blown life upgrade. And those affordable mortgages they help secure? Yeah, they turn the key to homeownership into a reality for many first-timers.

Keeping Homes Humming: It’s not all about the new shiny stuff. Habitat also steps up to keep existing homes safe and sound with their home repair program. They tackle critical fixes to ensure homes are more than just livable—they’re lovable. This effort keeps folks in their homes and out of trouble, bolstering the whole community.


impact that lasts

The Bigger Picture: Through these rock-solid efforts, Habitat for Humanity does more than just put roofs over heads. They empower families, beef up communities, and lay down the groundwork for stability and self-reliance that lasts.

In short, Habitat for Humanity is in the business of turning the dream of homeownership into a big, bold reality—and that’s something we at selleio can get behind!


needs a place to call home

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide opportunities for affordable homeownership and improve housing conditions for families in need. The organization achieves this through several key initiatives.


One of Habitat's primary activities involves building new, affordable homes in partnership with low-income families. Habitat homeowners contribute "sweat equity" by helping build their homes alongside volunteers. They also receive housing and financial counseling to prepare for homeownership. This comprehensive support helps families achieve the dream of owning a home, often for the first time. Habitat also assists these families in obtaining affordable mortgages to purchase their homes.


In addition to new home construction, Habitat for Humanity recognizes the importance of preserving existing housing stock. They operate a home repair program that provides critical repairs for homeowners, ensuring that their homes are safe and livable. This initiative helps vulnerable individuals and families remain in their homes and maintain their quality of life.


Through these efforts, Habitat for Humanity not only builds houses but also empowers families, strengthens communities, and promotes stability and self-reliance.

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