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why would you pay 3% if you can pay 1%...

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you wouldn't.

we'll let you in on a little secret. paying less is better than paying more... 

way better. 

bye-bye 3% buyer fees: hello 1% with selleio!

Introducing selleioBuy, where elite service doesn’t mean elite pricing.

1% - affordability that astounds. 

Why pay more? Traditional real estate might suggest that higher fees mean better service. We call bluff.

We’re in the business of flipping expectations with a groundbreaking 1% fee. That's our way—outstanding value, minimal expense.

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selleioeliteAgent™  redefining buying support

You know them—the part-time dabblers and those too caught up in their own promotions to truly cater to your buying needs, usually scraping by with minimal ongoing education.

Our agents? They’re the full-time pros, laser-focused on real estate and equipped with over 100 hours of proprietary selleioElite training annually. They’re not just working for you; they’re working with you.

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the selleioBuy™ process:  seamless, simple, transparent.  

Old-School real estate is manual, clunky, and as streamlined as a brick. You've experienced it, the chaos of endless emails, phone calls, in-person meetings, and paper mountains like Everest to climb just to seal the deal. No more. 

We bring clarity and ease to the table. Our leading-edge tech empowers you to manage your buying experience directly from your smartphone—anywhere, anytime. For us, simplicity and transparency are not mere words; they’re commitments.

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the selleioCares™  difference

While old school agencies might toss a few coins to charity after the dust settles on profits and overheads, we do things differently.

selleioCares™ is woven into our very fabric. We pledge $222 from every transaction to Habitat for Humanity right from the start. Because at selleio, building homes and community is part of our DNA.

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how it works.

Think of a buying relationship with selleio like sailing toward your new destination. Let's take it one step at a time.
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step 1. setting sail

Start your home-buying voyage with a relaxed, no-pressure conversation. Just like setting sail on a new adventure, it's all about discovering what makes your heart race. We'll explore your dreams, needs, and the vision you have for your perfect home. We’ll chart out what selleio can offer, what you can expect from our crew, and provide a clear breakdown of all costs—total transparency from the start.

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step 2. navigating together

After our initial meeting, we’ll send you a detailed log of our discussion via email. If you're ready to embark on this journey, click the link to partner up with your very own selleioEliteAgent™. Think of it as setting your course for new horizons.

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step 3. custom voyage

Your selleioEliteAgent™ isn’t just a guide; they’re your dedicated navigator on this home-buying voyage. They’ll dive deep into understanding your specific needs and the nuances of the market to tailor your search perfectly. This isn’t just about finding a house; it’s about discovering your new port of call.

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step 4. charting the course

Ready to explore? We’ll line up the best matches for you, from private viewings to virtual tours, ensuring each listing is showcased with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions. Experience the thrill of the hunt from the comfort of your home or while sailing through your daily routine.

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step 5. captians decesions

With our cutting-edge app, navigating the home-buying process is smooth sailing. Track listings, schedule viewings, and place offers—all from your smartphone. E-approvals and digital signatures keep you at the helm, ensuring a seamless journey to making your offer.

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step 6. dropping anchor at your new home

The final step is all about you. Choose where and how you want to close—whether it’s a cozy café, your current home, or any place that feels right. We tailor the closing experience to your preferences, ensuring everything from document signings to fund transfers is handled with seamless precision, supported by selleio’s advanced technology. Drop anchor and start your new adventure with confidence.


  •  1%, full EliteAgent MLS listing and representation 

  •  0%, if you sell your home with selleio and buy a selleio listed home

  • seleioEliteAgent™ & their transaction team

  •  zero-cost buyer strategy consultation

  • selleioApp™  revolutionizing every part of the buying process right from your smartphone

  • selleioCares™  your sale directly funds the building of hopes & homes in your community

  • 24/7 in-app & online support  

  • financing assistance available

  • title assistance available

  • insurance assistance available

let's talk. 

Book a  zero-pressure, zero-sales talk with us today.

Tell us about your plans and we'll share what we can offer, the cost, and send you some follow up. If you like what you hear, click the link and you'll be instantly connected to your very own selleioEliteAgent™.

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