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did you know you don’t have to shell out 6% to sell your house?

Updated: 6 days ago

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For ages, the standard drill in the old-school residential real estate world was this: You sign a listing agreement with a licensed agent who, in return for slapping your home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), fielding calls, arranging showings, and helping seal the deal, pockets a cool 3% of your sale price. And guess what? Tradition has it that you also cough up another 3% for the buyer’s agent. Yep, sellers have been forking over 6% of the sale price for years. On an average sale of $417k, that's a whopping $25,020. Ouch, right?

But wait—there's a twist. Recently, with home sales taking a dip, you might have heard some agents, in a grand gesture of benevolence, willing to cut you a "huge" break by accepting just 2.5% each. So, thanks to their boundless generosity, you only pay a total of 5%, or $20,850. What a bargain, huh?

Enter selleio. We do all that and more, for just 1.75%... or even less. Mic drop.


Welcome to selleioSell™

a fresh take on selling your home that's as revolutionary as it is effective. Imagine the high-end concierge service of the property world; that's what we're serving up, with a twist of tech and a sprinkle of sophistication.


In 2023/24, selleio was created from the ground up with a crystal-clear vision: to marry cutting-edge technology with the most transparent, efficient, and user-friendly practices in the U.S. real estate world. The result? A hassle-free experience where you can manage every aspect of your home transaction directly from your smartphone—from chatting up potential buyers to sealing the deal with digital signatures, all from your comfy couch.


But the tech is just the start. Enter the selleioEliteAgent™ — This is not the same old-school real estate agent. These professionals are a new breed, redefining industry standards. Forget the minimal 18 hours of yearly continuing education. Our sEA’s are immersed in over 100 hours of advanced training annually, crafted by selleio's very own real estate gurus. This rigorous education covers everything from state and federal laws to the latest technology and best practices, ensuring your agent isn’t just part of the elite—they define it.


Every selleioEliteAgent is 100% full-time because top-notch service doesn’t clock out. They're dedicated solely to real estate, without the distraction of self-promotion or side hustles. No billboards, no flashy bus bench ads. Just pure, focused real estate expertise. It's like choosing a dedicated brain surgeon over a part-timer—one does precision work while the other splits their attention. Which would you trust with your life’s biggest investment?


Lastly, we're not here to gouge your wallet. While we pack our services with undeniable value, we keep our costs fair and square. With selleioSell™, a selling fee of only 1.75% or less, ensures you get concierge service without the concierge price tag. 

Welcome to selleio, where real estate is done better—way better.


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