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selleio Privacy Policy

Freshly Updated: April 24, 2024


Welcome to selleio's Privacy Hub!

Here at selleio, guarding your privacy isn’t just a duty; it’s our mission.

We’re all about creating a transparent, secure, and respectful environment.

The terms "selleio," “we,” and “us” refer to selleio, LLC, and our family of

subsidiaries and affiliates. This Privacy Policy is our playbook for how we

manage, protect, and share info about you as you navigate through our

Platforms —whether you’re making an offer, buying or selling a home,

tapping into our other real estate services, checking out promotions,

or just taking a look.


Navigating the selleio Space—The ‘Platform’:

Our digital real estate comprises the selleio website hosted at, our dynamic app, and social media platforms that put you in direct contact with our real estate services, complete with all the bells and whistles these platforms offer.


Data Collection: The What and How

  • Contact Info & Preferences: We gather your basic info plus your preferences which come from direct interactions or through agents and partners.

  • Financial Data: Details like your Social Security Number and banking info are collected with precision during transactions, and remain private and protected at all times. 

  • Browsing and Usage Metrics: We track how you use our Platform to make your experience smoother and more personalized.

  • Transactional Records: We document each interaction to ensure our services are top-notch, from loan documentation to fulfilling legal requirements.


Using Your Data:

  • To Serve You Better: Whether you’re submitting requests or browsing our listings, we use your data to enhance your experience.

  • For Smooth Operations: We handle the technical side, ensuring our Platform runs like a well-oiled machine.

  • Communication: Expect to hear from us about updates, offers, and services that might interest you.


Sharing Your Information:

  • Within the Family: Our subsidiaries might get access to your info but only to boost the services offered to you, we NEVER sell your data to outsiders. 

  • With Trusted Partners: We collaborate with others to enhance our Platform, always keeping your privacy in the loop.

  • Legal Compliance: When necessary, we share data to comply with legal obligations.


Your Control Over Your Data:

  • Manage Your Preferences: You decide how your information is used and shared. Dive into your settings to adjust your preferences.

  • Opting Out: Not a fan of cookies or certain communications? You’ve got the power to opt out.


Tech Tools: Cookies & Beacons

  • Cookies: We use these little data crunchers to make your visit to our Platform smooth and personalized.

  • Web Beacons: These help us understand which parts of our service you love most.


Your Rights, Your Choices:

  • Communications: You can adjust how we communicate with you and what you receive.

  • Data Management: Access and update your personal information at any time—because it’s yours, after all.


Children’s Privacy:

We love kids, but selleio is strictly for the grown-ups. We don’t knowingly collect info from anyone under 18.


Global Perspective:

Our operations are rooted in the U.S., but we respect data from all corners of the globe.


Changes and Updates:

Just like the real estate market, our Privacy Policy might change. Keep an eye on this page for the latest updates.


Got Questions?

If you’re ever in doubt or just want to chat about your privacy, reach out through the contact details below. We’re here to help!


Staying Secure:

We safeguard your information like it’s our own. While no system is foolproof, we strive to protect your data against unauthorized access or leaks.


A Nod to Legal Compliance:

Engaging with our Platform means you’re cool with how we handle your data. If not, we might have to part ways, but we’d hate to see you go. By accessing or using our Platform, you accept these practices. If you don’t agree, please don’t use our services. Interested in more details? Just scroll down or click through the sections below for the full rundown on our privacy practices!


Welcome to selleio’s Digital Browsing Guide!

Hey there! Navigating the cookie settings in your browser shouldn't be like decoding a secret map. Whether it's regular cookies, flash cookies, or those stealthy web beacons, we use them to make your selleio experience smoother and more personalized. But hey, we get it, sometimes you want less tracking and more browsing.


Managing Your Cookie Settings:

You've got the power to tell your browser how to deal with cookies—like turning them off if they bug you, or setting alerts to know when they're around. If you go full 'no cookies', just heads up, some parts of our Platform might get a bit cranky and not work as they should.


What’s Up with Flash Cookies?

These aren't your average cookies; they're more like the secret agents of the cookie world, storing your preferences and how you surf our site. But don't worry, they don’t spill your secrets—they strictly keep to themselves without tracking your personal details.


And Those Tiny Web Beacons:

These little digital beacons are working behind the scenes in emails and our Platform to see what catches your eye. If you're not into it, you can turn those off too.


Google’s Got Its Eyes on Cookies Too:

Using Google Analytics, we keep tabs on how you interact with our site. Google helps us see the bigger picture without getting nosy—we don’t see who you are, just how you like to browse. Not a fan? You can tell Google to back off by opting out.


Choices, Choices, Choices:

Your email is just that—yours. If our emails are crowding your inbox, hit unsubscribe, and you'll only get the essentials. And for those cookies and beacons? Adjust your browser settings to set those boundaries.


Not Into Ads Following You Around?

Check out the Network Advertising Initiative’s Opt-Out page if targeted ads aren't your thing. Heads up: you'll still see ads, but they'll be less like that salesperson who knows your name and more like a billboard you pass by.


What Does “Do Not Track” Mean?

Some browsers can tell sites you don’t want to be tracked across the web. Our Platform plays it cool and doesn’t change how we treat your info based on these signals.


Direct Marketing: Not Always Directly Awesome:

If our direct marketing isn’t your jam, you can tell us to stop without affecting the other ways we help you rock the real estate world. Got issues with our approach? Hit us up, and we'll sort it out.


Texts Too Much? Just Say 'STOP':

If you signed up for text updates and have text regret, a quick 'STOP' is all it takes to silence us.


Keeping Your Info Accurate and Secure:

We strive to keep our info as accurate as your property listings. If something’s off, let us know, and we’ll fix it. While we're pretty good at safeguarding your data, remember that no system is hacker-proof. If things seem sketchy, like someone guessed your password, contact us stat!


Just for the Adults:

Our Platform is like a 21-and-over club. Under 18? Sorry, you gotta wait a bit longer. If we find out we've accidentally collected info from the kiddos, we’ll delete it quicker than you can say "escrow."


Browsing from Beyond the States?

Our Platform is hosted in the U.S., which means your data takes a little trip to us if you’re browsing internationally. By using our site, you're cool with this data journey.


Your California Privacy Rights:

California folks, you've got extra perks under the CCPA. Wanna know what personal info we’ve collected or shared, or wish to say "forget me"? Just reach out, and we'll detail or dump your data as you wish.


Questions? Need more deets?

If you’re ever in doubt or just wanna talk privacy (or property), our door is always open. Drop us a line at, or give us a ring. We’re here to help clear things up!


selleio Privacy Update – What's New in Cali and Nevada?

Hey, Cali folks and Nevadans! Got a question or need to make a privacy request? Shoot us an email at or drop a note via the contact info listed below. And remember, you’ve got an annual shot to make specific requests—so make it count!


For Our California Crew:

Your privacy is a big deal, and so are your rights. If you're feeling uneasy about how we handle your personal deets or just need more info, hit us up. Our door (or inbox) is always open for a privacy chat.

Nevada Neighbors, Listen Up:

We’re not in the business of selling your personal info, but if you want to keep certain details extra private, let us know. You can direct us to put a lid on selling your identifiable info collected on our sites or services by reaching out at


Privacy Check-Up:

You're always welcome to review and request updates to the personal info we hold. Think something's off? Let's sort it out together.


Across the Web:

Remember, our partners or other third parties might also be tracking your online moves across sites and services. While we're straight shooters about your data on our turf, those third parties have their own rules.



Jumping into our Platform means you’re cool with our Terms of Use and any other rules we’ve got cooking at If there’s a clash between policies, the most specific one wins.


Heads-Up on Privacy Changes:

We keep our Privacy Policy in tip-top shape, matching our evolving business and legal landscapes. Keep an eye on this page for the latest updates. Rolling with the changes on our Platform post-update means you're on board with the new rules.


Got More Qs or Need to Chat?

We're all ears at for any questions or feedback about our privacy practices.

Keep this in mind, folks—staying connected with our Platform might hinge on your thumbs-up to these privacy updates. We like having you around, so let’s keep that digital dialogue open and above board!


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