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selleio Terms of Use

Freshly Updated: April 24, 2024


Welcome to selleio’s Terms of Use. Your Agreement with Us:

Hello there! By choosing to hang out with us at selleio’s digital digs,

you’re agreeing to stick to our house rules—aka the Terms of Use.

These rules help keep everything smooth and straightforward,

just the way we like it. So, before you dive in and use our awesome platform,

please give these terms a good read.


Using Our Site Means:

  1. You’re in the U.S.: Our site is currently tailored for users cruising from within the United States.

  2. You’ve Read and Understood: You’re totally clear about the terms you’re agreeing to.

  3. You’re 18 or Over: Just like the cool clubs, our site is for the grown-ups.

  4. You Agree: By using our site, you’re saying a big ‘yes’ to our terms.

  5. You’re Welcome Here: Provided you haven’t been asked to leave the party before.


If You’re Not On Board:

Not feeling it? If our terms don’t jive with you, then our site might not be your cup of tea.


Changes on the Fly:

We keep our terms fresh and aligned with what’s happening, which means they can change. When we update these terms, they’re effective right away. Keep an eye on this page, because continuing to use the site means you’re cool with the new terms.

What’s on Our Site:

Think of our site as your gateway to amazing real estate opportunities and insights. We’ve got everything from residential to commercial listings and all the nitty-gritty on selleio’s world of properties.


Your Content Stays Yours:

Whatever you post or upload stays under your control. We respect that—it’s your stuff, after all. Just remember, if it’s on our site, it’s because you’ve allowed it to be there.


Playing By the Rules:

We set up the playground, but how you play is up to you. We keep things running smoothly, make updates, and occasionally have to pull the plug if things aren’t working right.


Getting In & Staying Safe:

To join us, you’ll need to set up an account. Keep your details true and updated, and don’t share your login, especially in public or shared spaces. Notice something off? Tell us pronto!


Third-Party Links:

Our site might guide you to other cool spots on the internet. Just a heads-up, we don’t control these external sites, and they have their own rules. So, take a peek at their terms before you dive in.


License to Chill (or Use the Site):

We’re giving you a license to use our site—as long as you play by the rules. This isn’t a free-for-all; respect the boundaries, and don’t try to claim ownership of anything that isn’t yours.


Be a Good Digital Citizen:

Our platform is for lawful use only. Keep it clean, keep it legal, and don’t try to mess up the experience for others. And, really, don’t hack us—it’s not cool.


No Warranty Zone:

We strive to provide an awesome site, but we can’t promise it will be perfect all the time. Things might not always work as expected, and we’re not liable if they don’t.


Got a Problem? Let’s Talk:

If you have any issues, questions, or just want to chat about your experience, reach out. We’re here to help and make sure your time with us is top-notch.


Changes, They Happen:

We might update these terms as our platform evolves. Stay tuned, and make sure you’re okay with the updates if you keep using the site.


Keeping It Local:

Any legal stuff related to our site is handled under the laws of Michigan. Let’s hope it never comes to that, but if there’s a dispute, it will be handled here.


Contact Us:

Need help or have feedback? Email us at We’re all ears!

So, that’s the scoop! Thanks for reading, and let’s make your real estate journey with selleio unforgettable.


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Image by Mark Duffel

here's the rules.

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