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got selleio questions?

We’ve got selleio Answers! Check out answers to our most frequently asked questions below and if you can't find what you're looking for hit us up in the Chat Button so we can get you the info you need. 

  • How much does it cost to Sell with selleio?
    Just 1.75% or even less. Here’s how we break it down: Hero Discount: First responders do the heavy lifting in society, so we lighten their load a bit on fees. If you’re in the military, police, fire services, search & rescue, or an EMT, you're looking at just a 1.5% rate. It’s our way of saying a big 'thank you' for your extraordinary service. Estate Advantage: Selling a luxe property? For homes tipping the scales at over $850,000, we trim our rates even further. Because let’s be honest, it’s about making a living, not a killing. At selleio, we’re all about stellar service without the sticker shock.
  • When I'm selling, what does a selleioEliteAgent do?
    A: Imagine having a personal real estate guru who orchestrates your home-selling journey while you kick back and think about how to spend your weekends. Here’s what your selleioEliteAgent will handle: Pricing Precision: They're wizards at setting the perfect price. Using deep market insights, they ensure your listing price hits the sweet spot—enticing for buyers and great for your wallet. Showtime Coordination: From scheduling visits to handling all the inquiries, your agent ensures that your home shows like the star it is, without you ever having to lift a finger. Offer Negotiation: When offers start rolling in, your agent steps up as your negotiation champion, ensuring you get the best possible deal, minus any hassle or haggling on your part. Closing the Deal: Navigating the closing process like a pro, your agent ensures all the paperwork is spotless and your interests are protected all the way to the final handshake. A selleioEliteAgent™ and their transaction team schedule and conduct in person and virtual showings, handle all calls, texts, emails, negotiations, process all documents from agreements to addendums to closing docs, schedule inspections, order title work, schedule and attend closing, ensuring every part of your home sale is overseen by your expert team. In essence, while selleio’s superb corporate team handles all the marketing magic, your selleioEliteAgent focuses solely on making your selling experience as smooth and successful as possible. It’s like having a real estate concierge at your service!
  • What does a selleioEliteAgent do for a buyer?
    A: Strap in, because your selleioEliteAgent is about to make your home-buying journey smoother than a buttered-up bowling lane. Here’s the lowdown on how they roll: Dream Home Matchmaker: They start by tuning into your wishlist—whether it’s a cozy nook in the city or a sprawling space in the suburbs, they’re on it. Consider them your personal real estate Cupid. Market Sleuth: With their expert knowledge and tech tools, they sniff out the best deals and opportunities, ensuring you never miss out on a potential home hit. Tour Guide Extraordinaire: Schedule conflicts? Forget them. Your agent arranges property tours on your time, and they’re ready to answer every question under the roof. Negotiation Guru: When it’s time to talk turkey, your agent becomes your front-line negotiator, ensuring you get the best price without the hassle. They fight for every penny like it’s their own. Digital Doc Dynamo: All your important documents are handled digitally within our app—just a few taps and swipes and you’re e-signing like a pro. It’s paperwork without the paper, hassle-free and at hyper-speed. Problem Solver: Hit a snag? No problem. Your agent smooths out bumps before you even know they’re there, keeping your path to homeownership clear. Your selleioEliteAgent™ and their transaction team will review and explain every step, document, and part of the process to you, ensuring your purchase is the most enjoyable real estate experience you've ever had. With a selleioEliteAgent by your side, buying a home isn’t just a transaction. It’s a tailor-made journey to your future home. Ready, set, home!
  • Do I really need a Buyers Agent?
    Considering whether to team up with a buyer’s agent? Let’s break it down. While some seasoned pros might feel comfortable flying solo, there’s a galaxy of reasons why having a selleioEliteAgent™ on your side is a stellar idea, especially at our unbeatable rate of just 1%! Market Insight: Our agents have the superpower of deep market knowledge. They see opportunities and pitfalls you might miss and help you navigate through complex market conditions. Negotiation Skills: Like a seasoned diplomat, your selleioEliteAgent negotiates deals that could save you more than just money—they could save your future home from slipping through your fingers. Time and Stress Savings: Why spend your time juggling calls, paperwork, and legalities when you can have an expert handle all that? More than just convenience, it’s about ensuring everything goes smoothly, from offer to closing. No two deals are the same. There are literally thousands of strange and crazy things that can come up in the sale of real property and it's those things that can end up costing you thousands. So, do you "need" a buyer’s agent? If you want the full force of expert guidance, unbeatable negotiation skills, and stress-free processing at a mere 1%—then selleioBuy™ is absolutely for you. If you have the skills of a seasoned agent, then going it alone (fsbo) could be for you, but at 1% for full buyers agency representation, you really can't go wrong. At selleio, we’re here to make your home buying journey nothing short of extraordinary.
  • What is FSBO and should I do it?
    FSBO—For Sale By Owner—means you’re the captain of your own ship. You handle everything from setting the sail (pricing) to navigating the choppy waters of the market (negotiations and legalities). Should you do it? Let’s weigh anchor and see: Pros: Total control and no listing agent’s commission—your ship, your rules. Cons: It’s all on you—accurate pricing, marketing that makes waves, vetting buyers, and navigating legal requirements. A single misstep? It could cost more than any commission saved. You'll also need to handle the heavy winds of calls from scammers, frauds, and dishonest sailors that target FSBO sellers on a daily basis. Thinking FSBO but want to be safe? Well, we get it, but let’s be real—smooth sailing isn't usually a solo endeavor. While you can go FSBO, we don't recommend it. At just 1.75%, our selleioSell service is a steal that ensures smooth sailing. With our full-service MLS offering, our certified selleioEliteAgents™ take care of everything—from professional photography and immersive 3-D walkthroughs to expertly crafted listings and managing showings. You can trust that every i is dotted and every t is crossed in your contracts (digitally, of course). With selleioSell™, you're still at the wheel but with the best navigational tools at your fingertips. Want a smooth voyage with a crew ready to jump in? That’s what we’re here for.
  • How much does it cost to Buy with selleio?
    Ready for some happy wallet news? When you choose to buy with selleio, we’re talking about clear, straightforward pricing that’s designed to keep more money in your pocket! Simply Brilliant!: Normally, our buyer’s agency fee is a mere 1%. That’s right, just 1% for full access to a selleioEliteAgent™ who brings unmatched expertise and dedication to finding your perfect home. Twice as Nice!: But wait, it gets better! If you sell your home with us first and then buy another home listed by selleio, the cost to buy? A grand total of zero, zilch, nada. That’s our way of saying 'thanks' for keeping it all in the selleio family. So, whether you’re stepping into the market for the first time, or you’re a seasoned home-swapper, buying with selleio isn’t just easy—it’s economically epic. Why pay more when you can pay less (or not at all)? That’s how we do real estate, done better.
  • What are your hours?
    You're selleioEliteAgent™ will provide you with their email and mobile number for calls and text. You can get a hold of them anytime. Our corporate offices are open 9:00am to 6:00pm EST M-F, and can accept messages 24/7. We will get back to you within 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • How are selleioEliteAgents different from other Agents?
    Ever wonder what makes a selleioEliteAgent stand out in the real estate crowd? It’s not just their charm and good looks—there’s a whole lot more under the hood. Here’s the scoop: Superior Training: selleioEliteAgents undergo over 100 hours of custom training with our expert selleio leaders, beyond the standard continuing education. This isn’t your average real estate boot camp; it’s more like a master class in making real estate magic. Singular Focus: While typical agents might juggle marketing themselves and their properties, our agents focus solely on you and your needs. No split attention, just full dedication to your real estate goals. Tech-Powered: Armed with a cutting-edge tech stack, our agents provide a seamless, zero-paper experience. From initial contact to final signature, everything is streamlined and digital. Fee Transparency: In an industry often clouded by complicated commissions and hidden fees, selleioEliteAgents stand for clear, low fees. More value, less vagueness. Community Commitment: Every transaction with a selleioEliteAgent supports community initiatives. We’re not just about selling homes; we’re about building a better community. In short, selleioEliteAgents aren’t just selling homes—they’re redefining the real estate experience, ensuring it’s smarter, smoother, and more satisfying. That’s real estate, done better.
  • I have a different question
    Click the "Chat" button to the lower right of the page and ask us anything.
  • How much does FSBO cost with selleio?
    Taking the FSBO route with selleio? We've got your back with selleioTransact! Here's the deal: Flat-Fee Freedom: For a straightforward flat fee of $2,500, selleioTransact covers all the tricky transactional paperwork. No surprises, no hidden costs, just one clear price. With selleioTransact, you handle the selling or buying process yourself, but when it comes to the complex world of contracts and closings, we step in to make sure everything's squared away perfectly. It’s FSBO with a safety net. So, sell it yourself, but never by yourself—selleio’s got you covered!
  • How can I get information more information on Selling or Buying?
    Click the "Let's Talk" button to the lower right of the page, type us a message and we'll get you connected with your very own selleioEliteAgent.
  • How does selleio do zero-paper?
    Ever wondered how we pull off our zero-paper magic? It’s all about smart, slick tech. At selleio, we harness a proprietary blend of amazing software designed to bring the entire real estate process to your fingertips—literally. Complete Visibility: Whether it’s an email, text, or phone call, you’ll see every communication right on your dashboard. Transparency at its best! Document Handling: From the initial agreement to the final closing document, everything is digital. Need to make an offer or sign an addendum? Just tap, sign, and send—all from your smartphone. Eco-Friendly Efficiency: Not only do we save trees, but we also save you time and hassle. Everything you need is consolidated in one accessible, secure place. With selleio, every step of your real estate transaction is streamlined and sustainable. Say goodbye to piles of paperwork and hello to a smoother, cleaner way to buy or sell your home.
  • Why Habitat for Humanity?
    Habitat for Humanity isn't just any nonprofit—it’s a powerhouse in creating real change for those who dream of homeownership but think it’s out of reach. Their mission? To make affordable housing a reality and improve living conditions for families who need it most. learn more >
  • What is selleioCares™
    selleioCares™ is our pledge to weave generosity into the fabric of our business. Every transaction with selleio isn’t just about closing deals; it’s about opening opportunities and building a brighter future for communities. It isn’t an afterthought; it’s a forethought. We embed social responsibility into our business model, dedicating $222 from every transaction to Habitat for Humanity—right off the top. Because building community and homes go hand in hand at selleio. learn more >
  • Who pays for the selleioCares donation?
    We do! When we close a sale, our 1.75% fee isn't just business as usual—it's a commitment to something greater. Here's how it works: our fee is divided among selleio, our agents, and our brokers. From selleio's share, we take $222 and immediately allocate it to our partnership with Habitat for Humanity. This isn't an afterthought or a charitable extra— it’s a line item expense, prioritized before calculating our profits. ​ This approach ensures that our contribution is a fundamental part of our operations, not an optional add-on. We believe that corporate responsibility means stepping up and actively participating in addressing society's challenges. By integrating this "off the top" approach into our business model, we hope to inspire other companies to follow suit. It's about making a meaningful impact, every single time. learn more >

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