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bye-bye 3% buyer fees: hello 1% with selleioBuy™!

Updated: 6 days ago

Ever wondered why buying a house felt like you were splurging on hidden fees? Well, buckle up for a wake-up call! In the "old-school" real estate playbook, it wasn't just the sellers forking over 3% to agents—buyers were quietly coughing up the cash, too. Big myth buster: that so-called 'seller-paid commission' was baked right into your home's price tag. Yup, you financed that fee and paid interest on it. Ouch, indeed.

Fast forward to 2024, and the real estate game is getting a much-needed overhaul. Upcoming laws are shaking up the scene, ditching the old ways where sellers add buyer commissions on the MLS. And guess what? The traditional real estate crowd is in a tizzy trying to convince you to shell out 3% in cold hard cash.

buy for 1% with selleioBuy™

But here’s where selleio steps up to the plate. We're slicing that pesky buyer fee down to just 1%. What’s better? This slimmer fee is a breeze to cover out-of-pocket or with a small seller concession—it’s more than 50% less than what others are scrambling to get from the sale price. And if you sell with us, then buy a selleio-listed house we'll charge you...wait for it.... NOTHING! That's right 0.0% fee to buy a selleio-listed house after you have sold with us. What could be better than that?

Welcome to selleioBuy™ — a revolutionary approach to home buying that marries the elegance of concierge service with cutting-edge technology and a dash of style. Picture a premium property purchasing experience, tailored to modern sensibilities and streamlined with innovative tech. With selleioBuy, you're not just buying a home; you're upgrading to a whole new way of engaging with real estate, with a service fee of only 1% or less. Our formula? High-tech meets high-touch in a buyer-centric service that's as transparent as it is transformative.


Technology Tailored for You

In 2023/24, selleio was meticulously crafted from scratch with a laser focus on fusing state-of-the-art technology with the most transparent and streamlined practices in U.S. real estate. The result? A seamless experience where you manage every aspect of your home purchase directly from your smartphone. From exploring listings to making offers and signing closing documents, all can be handled from the comfort of your living room—because why step out when you can step up?

selleioEliteAgent: Your Expert Navigator

But it’s not just about the tech. Our selleioEliteAgents™ are redefining what it means to be in real estate. Each agent undergoes over 100 hours of advanced, proprietary training each year, ensuring they’re not just meeting but setting new industry standards. They’re your personal navigators in the complex world of real estate, focused entirely on your needs—no billboards or bus bench ads, just unmatched expertise.

Dedicated Expertise

Every selleioEliteAgent is a full-timer—your personal real estate maven who’s all in, all the time. They aren't juggling real estate with other gigs; they're laser-focused on leveraging their comprehensive training and deep market knowledge to help you find and secure your perfect home. It’s the difference between a part-time player and a dedicated professional. Who would you trust with one of the biggest decisions of your life?

Unbeatable Value

At selleio, we don’t just promise top-tier service; we deliver it at a price point that respects your finances. Why pay more for less when you can engage with a system designed to provide premium, concierge-level services without the premium cost? At just 1% or less, selleioBuy is structured to put your interests first, meshing exceptional value with exceptional service. We're not just changing the game—we're rewriting the rules of real estate to put you at the center of every transaction.

So, why play by outdated rules when you can step up to the selleio way? With us, it's about making smarter moves, saving big, and waving goodbye to over-the-top fees. Connect with us here.

Welcome to the future of real estate, done better.




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